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Key projects for us over the years include those at United Parcel Service, and the Ford Motor Co. Vehicle Operations Group throughout North America. We have a reliable, multi-disciplinary staff of 78+ craftsmen available daily, executing on more than 130 man hours a year, with additional resources ready under contract. We pride ourselves on high volume contracts requiring high capacity and quick turnaround work.
  • Our largest single source contract exceeded $20M, and included plant shutdown work. During peak plant shutdown periods, we have employed, managed, and supervised over 250 tradesmen.
  • Commerical renovations over $5 million are often completed by our company, based on our scale and breadth of service options.
  • In healthcare, we assist in meeting joint accreditation standards and NFPA 99 requirements, working on a contractual annual basis to do de-energized maintenance services, and extensive testing.
  • Banks and other financial institutions depend heavily on technology, and we bring the critical infrastructure up to standards of excellence in data and power, avoiding power failures that cost time and money.
  • In government circles, we have provided peak shaving and shown value in the use of natural gas to level off utility bills, being the first in the area to do so on a military base.
  • We completed a $6 million dollar field wiring installation for a new hydrogen gas facility in Lima, OH. It began producing hydrogen gas under budget and 12.5 weeks ahead of schedule. It took 137,500 man hours to complete this project.
  • We have expertise in petrochemical projects, understanding codes and standards for installations, as well as hazardous location specifications.

Meet Our Team

Owners Jay and Mike Comstock have over 50 years of electrical trade experience, both field and business related. Brian Comstock has over 20 years of accounting and major managerial experience. Together they have assembled a diverse group of professionals that possess tremendous experience in the electrical construction and maintenance arena.

The company has completed work for many key projects in the region in the areas of construction, 24-Hour Service, maintenance contracts, and day-to-day electrical work. Market segments serviced include industrial, healthcare, commercial, financial, government, and education.


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Trade Groups

Comstock Bros Electric is proud to belong to and be associated with the following organizations:

  • NFPA – National Fire Protection Association
  • KSHE – Kentucky Society of Hospital Engineers
  • KSPMA – Kentucky School Plant Managers Association
  • KCUC – Kentucky Construction Users Council
  • BOMA – Building Owners Management Association
  • IFMA – International Facilities Management Association
  • ASSE – American Society of Safety Engineers
  • TEGG – Preventative Maintenance Franchise
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