Contact Resistance Testing

Periodic tests are made to evaluate an initial condition or to identify unexpected changes in readings. You must understand and measure low resistance to ensure electrical system performance.

Resistance measurements are dependent on temperature. The resistance of all pure metals increases with rising temperature. The proportional change in resistance for a specific material with a unit change in temperature is called the temperature coefficient of resistance for that material.

Options provided by Comstock Bros. Electric may include use of the following:

  • Battery Tests
  • Cable Fault Locating
  • Circuit Breaker Tests
  • Data Communications Tests
  • Fiber Optic Tests
  • Ground Resistance Tests
  • Insulation Power Factor (C&DF) Tests
  • Insulation Resistance Tests
  • Line Testing
  • Low Resistance Tests
  • Motor & Phase Rotation Tests
  • Multimeter Diagnosis and Evaluation
  • Oil Tests
  • Partial Discharge Tests
  • Portable Appliance & Tool Testers
  • Power Quality Instruments for Specialty Tests
  • Recloser Tests
  • T1 Network Tests
  • Tachometers & Speed Measurements
  • TDR Tests
  • Transformer Testing Services
  • Transmission Impairment Tests
  • Watthour Meter Tests
  • Test Switches
  • Load Bank Tests