Comstock Bros. Electric participates in key design/build construction for governments at all levels. This often includes peak shaving projects.

Project Example:  Ft. Knox needed to work with peak shaving across its entire base.

  • There were six buildings with 21 2.5 mega-generators.
  • Utility bills needed to be leveled off with the use of natural gas, taking the strain off the electrical grid. A typical example is to go from 45 megawatts down to 28 megawatts in use.
  • The local electrical cooperative owners purchased the equipment to be installed.
  • Energy performance contracts for governmental structures continue to rise in importance. A $60 Million project has a payback of about 20 to 25 years.

Key components to the Ft. Knox project were:

  • Knowing the underground layout
  • Weighing installs, including piping and wiring
  • Setting and mounting generators and switchgear
  • Proper control setup to tell what equipment to work when
  • Commissioning and testing finished products for buildings and bringing on the full distribution system across six substations.

One substation can go off the grid, but the others can pick up the difference, when required. Solid design and construction services are delivered by Comstock Bros. Electric.

Click to watch. Fort Knox can Operate without external power