We offer quick-turnaround for high-volume, high-capacity facilities and know what electrical controls must be put in place, dependent on your industry focus. We have offer reliability, unmatched safety standards, and increased capacity upon reviews and recommendations. We can take on maintenance and design-build project due to our team of engineers, electricians, and technicians on specialty areas, affecting your bottom line with increasing productivity and efficiencies.

Large projects require expertise in specific processes and installation techniques. At Comstock Bros. Electric, we can have 200 to 300 electricians operating for you during your peak construction or rapid installation time frames with fewer than two weeks’ notice. We also have 24-hour service to deal with maintenance issues, and have the team to deal with high-voltage areas through to fiber-optic installations. We know how to bring your location up to compliance standards, and we maintain staff to give you instant response on any issues that require upgrades, troubleshooting, including lighting problems and day-to-day electrical needs.

Since 1999, our business has operated under the use of the highest safety standards at all our work sites, and we take on-the-job care in making sure all those in the vicinity of installations, retrofit operations, and upgrades are operating under safety codes and procedures.

We routinely handle:

  • Substation Maintenance
  • Power Distribution
  • Electrical Retrofitting of Existing Process Systems
  • Updating to Next Generation Standards
  • Robotic Installations
  • Telecom Data Installations
  • Fiber Optics
  • Conveyor System Installations
  • Petrochemical Needs
  • Package Handling
  • Process Paints and Ovens
  • Hazardous Location Issues, Including Explosion-Proof Certifications
  • Plant Shutdown Work

Key Projects

Both Ford Motor Co. and the UPS Air Operations in Kentucky operate under critical time constraints, due to their rotating shifts. On a recent UPS project in the Commonwealth we had 500,000 man hours with no safety incidents. Using Comstock has been beneficial in the following ways to large corporations, like Ford and UPS. We have found that the results are:
  • increased job production
  • standards are met on time and in budget
  • painting inspections go smoother
  • lighting installations and retrofits are handled on time
  • emergency response situations get handled completely
  • quality assurance standards are met
  • torque monitoring leads to performance.
As part of the construction commodities plant team, Comstock Bros. Electric can take care of daily maintenance, so you don’t have to constantly follow up internally. From the basics, i.e. keeping turnstiles working, to emergency response, i.e. handling a cut underground BA cable, we are ready to serve your needs.